New Digital Challenges

New Web3 solutions require interdisciplinary knowledge, new approaches, new collaborative business models and user awareness of the advantages of new technology.

How to Make a Bridge Between Different Worlds?

Regardless of the fact that Web3 solutions are not yet fully technologically mature for mass use and that the legislative frameworks are also deficient, the first at least partial solutions are being offered that go beyond the existing Web2 frameworks. This means that, for  example, an interoperability, decentralized data, NFTs and tokenized ownership is in place in more cases at least to certain extent. However, Web3 developers are still looking for their way to greater usability of Web3 solutions for more diverse segments of users and for more purposes. On this path, there is still a lot of misunderstanding among the general, business and even professional public about the possibilities, advantages, opportunities and safety of Web3 technology. And some of them wonder if technology can even be kind to nature and people. Therefore, there is still a large gap between current Web3 tech professionals with their tech fans and non-tech worlds. It is more than obvious that a stronger connectivity of tech Web3 companies would be needed with regulatory and other government bodies, educational sector, NGOs, industries and their business networks as well as with local communities in order to create an ecosystem where everyone voice can be heard. 

The services listed below largely help, among other things, to build a bridge between the aforementioned worlds.

Among Services Offered

  • Review of your current Web3 solution purpose and readiness level to enter the market with report on possible improvements;
  • Development of partnership strategy with related business models taking into account various perspectives;
  • Partnership network and/or EcoSystem building with possibility to take over management as well;
  • White Papers writing and advice ;
  • Development of Communication Strategies (including with Web3 and Community building specifics);
  • Identification of the most appropriate marketing and sales channels with channels mix report;
  • Identification of possible public (European) and private funding opportunities and related consulting;
  • Informing and raising awareness about the advantages and pitfalls of blockchain, NFT, metaverse-based and related solutions through various channels, e.g. online business portal Development Navigator, website Purposeful Web3 Projects, LinkedIn group Purposeful Web3 Projects and other channels and networks;