Collaborative Models

Why Your Business Relationships Should Be Well Managed?

Due to the complexity and diversity of collaborative partnership forms, the management of collaborative business relationships is demanding and multifaceted.

In 2017 adopted international standard ISO 44001:2017 confirms the growing importance of collaborative business models in everyday business practice.

What we can gain with well managed business relationships?

Collective Power

Companies, and also individual regions, can achieve great competitive advantages using collaborative approaches.

Cost Reduction

Business relationship management optimizes processes between partners, improves efficiency and thus reduces costs.


Good partnerships promote the inflow and development of talents, therefore increasing innovativeness within a partnership ecosystem.


Well-managed collaborative relationships give stability to partners even in a potential crisis situation inside or outside the system.

Among Services Offered

  • An insight into the current business situation
  • Development of collaborative business models
  • Managing and nourishing business relationships