Build Your EcoSystem

Build your ecosystem and/or community and be open to connecting all that is not yet connected, i.e. even beyond your sector, across channels, across regions and countries.

Today, technology enables more opportunities for cooperation and also transparency in the process of cooperation itself. More advanced companies take advantage of technology and upgrade both traditional partnerships and existing platforms into larger heterogeneous business ecosystems that directly or indirectly coincide with their business system, group of products or services, sector, region, business or individual interest of those involved in the ecosystem.

Additional possibilities are also brought by Web3 technologies, which at the same time also bring new decentralized business models (e.g. DAOs), where individuals in the ecosystem or community are part of the ownership structure based on their contribution level and thereby also gain co-management power.

There are many open questions, especially with the latter and Web3, and companies that have not yet started to build even their own ecosystem or have not yet introduced adequate partnership management, even with traditional partners not, will gradually lose their competitive advantage on the market. Therefore, it is imperative that companies develop an appropriate development-oriented partnership strategy, train leaders on how to manage partnership networks and ecosystem, and start building and nurturing an ecosystem and, gradually, maybe also new more decentralized collaborative models and communities in connection with Web3.

Among Services Offered

  • Review of your current partnerships with recommendations for improvements
  • Identification and support in developing of your most appropriate collaborative models in line with your type of products and services, user segments, target markets
  • Management of your ecosystem and/or community

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