30+ years of professional

obtained in the private and public sector, in various professional fields, in various roles and in many countries

Founder, Manager & Strategic Consultant

Projects' Evaluator & Reviewer

NFT, DLT & Bitcoin Talent, Innovator & Developer

Network Coordinator & Facilitator

Author & Editor-in-Chief, Influencer

Trainer, Mentor & Speaker

I am an expert with 30+ years of experience both in the public as well as the private sector in Slovenia and abroad. My great advantage lies in knowing and understanding different domains expertise and sectors, different levels of business in the broader international context, digital solutions and diverse traditional and digital marketing and sales channels. Therefore, all the advantages come into force in areas where a strategic perspective, multidisciplinary skills, collaborative and partnership business models, digital and traditional methods, channels and tools are intertwined.

  • Advanced Digital Challenges and Solutions
  • Foreign Market Entry through Diverse Channels
  • Collaborative Models and Partnership Strategies
  • Business Ecosystems & Communities Building
  • Funding Readiness & Public and Private Funds

Build Your EcoSystem

Build your ecosystem and/or community and be open to connecting all that is not yet connected, i.e. even beyond your sector, across channels, across regions and countries.

Collaborative Models

Use innovative collaborative and partnership models in all development stages for your success. Manage your partnerships properly, review and improve your collaborative models regularly.

Diverse Channels

Build your ecosystem and/or community and be open to connecting all that is not yet connected, i.e. even beyond your sector, across channels, across regions and countries.

Go International

Are you export ready and know your user segments and markets well? Check your market readiness, partnership and business models, market entry channels and more.

Digital Solutions

Would you like to improve existent or develop a new state-of-the-art website, online shop, marketplace or any other digital solution? Ask for a professional review.

New Digital Challenges

New Web3 solutions require interdisciplinary knowledge, new approaches, new collaborative business models and users aware of new technology's advantages.

eShop EcoSystem

Build the most contemporary online shop ecosystem and integrate processes, solutions, marketplaces, services, your sales network and customers in order to increase your sales.

Funding Readiness

Are you familiar with the funding requirements of individual funding opportunity and which is the most appropriate for your project? Ask for professional support.

Know Your System

Using the holistic and complementary methods help you receiving deep insights into your business ecosystem in order to solve problems and/or achieve your goals faster. Ask for details.


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